The Candle Pouring Experience

We want your candle pouring experience to be fun, creative, and safe. Please read below on what to expect.


  • You can reserve online, in-studio, message us via Instagram or email us. You can also give us a call to book!

  • Walk-ins are welcomed, but there is no guarantee of availability. Online orders are limited to 4 persons; however, you may reserve for up to 8 people. For reservations for more than 4 people, please email us! You may also message us via Instagram!

  • Please contact us if you would like a time outside of the sessions available online.

  • Please arrive on-time. If you are more than 10 minutes late, we may need to reschedule depending on if there is a reservation following your's.

Your Scent Exploration Experience

  • You will be given a scent exploration sheet. Read the entire sheet, and fill in top of the form.

  • Explore available scents, and note which are your favorite on your scent sheet.

  • Take your scent sheet back to the Candle Bar or table, and studio staff will provide you with fragrance blotter strips. These are used to test different scent combinations so you can determine what appeals to you best.

  • Studio staff will pull your selected fragrance oils.

  • It is recommended to select 2 to 3 final fragrances to create your custom scent. However, you do not have to blend scents. You can select one scent.

  • You will then be given instruction on how to mix your fragrance oils.

Candle Making

  • All candles are made in a 9 oz straight-sided jar. Outside jars/vessels are not allowed.

  • Once you have created your custom scent, studio staff will provide you with your heated wax, and provide very specific instructions. 

  • A label is provided for your candle. You can name your candle, and have fun putting a design on your label. 

What to expect after you pour your candle.

  • Your candle will take at least 2-hours to solidify. 

  • Once your cable has cooled, Studio staff will affix a warning label and your personally designed label.

Candle Pickup Options & Candle Care

  • You can pick-up your candle the same day, if time allows. However, it is important to allow for at least 2-hours of cooling time. Be aware of closing time. Candles poured after 3 PM Tuesday - Saturday, may need to be picked up on another day or shipped. Candles made 2 PM or after on Sundays will need to picked up on another day or shipped due to closing time.

  • You can pick your candle up on any day the Studio is open or schedule a pick-up time during off hours. We will hold your candle for as long as you need. 

  • You may also have your candle shipped for a small fee of $4 for 1 candle, and $2 for each additional candle to the same address. (Purchases $50+ get free shipping to the same address.)

  • Soy candles need time to cure. Please allow your candle to cure for at least 2-weeks before burning. If you burn your candle sooner, the scent may not be as strong.

  • Be sure to read the instructions on the warning label for care and safety.