My Story

How It Started

Hello, my name is Cindy!

Making candles started as a joyful hobby and stress reliever. I needed a creative outlet, and candle making provided me with hours and hours of fun. I particularly enjoyed experimenting with different scents. After extensive experimenting and testing, I decided to start Candle Studio 1422.

Why 1422?

1422 was the street address for my paternal grandparents growing up. Their home represented a loving and welcoming place for me. When I think back to my childhood, 1422 is where my happiest memories were made. I knew I had to incorporate this number in my business name. It is a source of INSPIRATION and happiness. 

What’s In My Candles

My candles are made with wax, and premium fragrance oils. That’s it! I never add any colors, dyes or other additives. 

During the early stages, I did a lot of research on the types of candle wax and candle additives. I decided to use soy wax as a more environmentally friendly and cleaner option than the petroleum-based paraffin candles that make up most of the candle market.

I also opted to use premium fragrance oils specifically made for candles. Many of these fragrance oils are infused with essential oils. Using fragrance oils specifically designed for candles makes for a more safe candle. 

Our Process

My candles are always hand-poured in small batches, which helps ensure attention to detail and the highest quality candles. Candles are then cured. Curing candles helps create a better aromatic experience. The curing maximizes the candle’s scent.

My Jam

Supporting other women-owned businesses! My Curated Boutique is stocked with items created from other women-owned businesses. I also use women-owned businesses as much as possible to buy my personal and business products and services. Nothing against the boys however! There are few things more magical than women supporting women. It brings me joy.