The Meaning Behind My Business Name

The Meaning Behind My Business Name

Naming your business is a big deal. You can read lots of articles on rules to follow when naming your business and it can all be a little confusing at times. There are even companies that offer business naming services. You can also use one of the many business name generators out there. 

I thought it was important to come up with a couple of objectives for my business name. One, I wanted it to be clear what I was selling, and secondly, but just as important, I wanted the name to have a personal meaning to me.

So, that is where 1422 comes into play. It’s easy to discern that I sell candles; however, the meaning of 1422 is not as clear to the outside world. I thought about where my happiest memories have been and where my source of inspiration generally came from, and the answer was clear, my grandparents.

You see, 1422 was my grandparent’s house number and was always a happy and safe place for me growing up. When I did not feel at home in my own home, I always felt welcomed and comfortable at my grandparent’s home.

Years of family gatherings, playing with my cousins, laughing and crying have had a profound effect on my life. Had I not had 1422, I am not sure I would have survived my childhood and still be a somewhat well-adjusted person.

So, that’s it in a nutshell. Have fun naming your business!

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