7 Summer Wedding Trends to Watch in 2019

7 Summer Wedding Trends to Watch in 2019

While you were running your business or killing it at the office, you may have had time to fall in love. For most brides-to-be, summer is commonly a season tied to bright colors, light, airy dresses, and outdoor ceremonies. But don’t feel confined to traditional options when planning your summer wedding! With this list, we’ll explore some of the latest - and most exciting - summer wedding trends of the year. 

1. Outdoor Themes

The best part of a summer wedding is the weather. Outdoor themes are perfect for capitalizing on the opportunities for outdoor weddings. But this year’s trend is flipping the script by bringing the great outdoors to indoor venues. There’s a trend for skipping roses in favor of wildflowers for an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and brightly colored alternative for bouquets. Incorporate natural centerpieces into your décor; moss, succulents, or even grass bring in the earthy vibe. You can even add some coastal decorations like shells, sea glass, and candlelit lanterns for your own beach-themed reception.

2. Dynamic Colors

Traditional wedding colors will never go out of style but this summer is bringing new hues to watch out for. Edgier styles and patterns will come to the forefront as couples explore more adventurous palettes. Deep, rich colors like emerald green, mauve, or blush are going to be in, as well as the Pantone Color of the year- “living coral.” Choosing one dynamic color with more traditional, softer complementary hues will give you this season’s bold, bright look.

3. Seasonal Desserts

Depending on your location, Summer often brings heat and humidity. This is the perfect time of year to ditch heavy frostings in favor of introducing light, fruity flavors to your dessert table. Personal sized fruit tarts, custards, ice pops, or ice cream are all refreshing options on a hot day. And if you’re feeling really playful? Consider hiring an ice cream truck to arrive as your evening winds down. It will add the perfect pop of summertime nostalgia for your guests!

4. Wedding Scents

Candles are always a winning choice for wedding ambiance and mood lighting. But recently, choosing a specific wedding scent has become just as popular. What’s more romantic than choosing a scent that will remind you of your wedding day for years to come? Adding the same scented candles into your wedding favors also offers guests a chance to take home a gift from the wedding that’s both practical and sentimental.

5. Thoughtful Wedding Favors

On that note, it looks like it’s time to re-think favors. Summer wedding favors are moving away from kitschy, cute items. This summer, expect to see more intimate gifts gain popularity. Personalized wine bottles, locally sourced items (especially for out of town guests), wedding-specific scented candles, and eco-friendly favors like herbs of succulents will always leave a great impression. Putting them together into a welcome bag for each guest is a new trend we love.

6. Unique Lighting

While candles are always a classic choice for dynamic lighting, especially for an evening wedding, summer trends are leaning into unique lighting choices. Hanging lanterns and string bulb lights bring can bring charm and a unique touch to any indoor or outdoor venue. Don’t be afraid to take inspiration from your favorite art style or even historical era to make a statement!

7. Mismatched Bridesmaids

Gone are the days of perfectly identical wedding parties. No two women are shaped the same and it makes sense that different bodies look best in different dresses. Pick a color – or two! – and let your bridesmaids choose the best style for themselves. Embracing this nontraditional trend is a sure way to make sure your wedding party photos stand out.

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