How to Care for Your Soy Candle

How to Care for Your Soy Candle

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Soy candles are a great way to scent your home and business. In addition, they make great gifts for friends, family, and clients. If you take care of your soy candle, it should burn clean, and send aromatic vibes throughout your space. Don't worry. it's nothing too complicated; just follow these few tips!

Wick Care 

Be sure to trim your wick down at 1/4" prior to each use. A trimmed wick helps ensure a good burning candle. When wicks are not trimmed properly, carbon may build up on the wick, and cause an enlarged flame. An enlarged flame is a fire hazard as it can overheat your vessel.

While scissors work well, wick trimmers are a great tool for any candle lover. It makes trimming the wick a little bit easier once your candle burns down more. These trimmers are a good and affordable tool.


Burning your soy candle

The first burn is the most important. You want to burn your candle to the edge of your vessel during the first burn, and try to do it each time you burn your candle. Why? Soy has what we call a "memory"; it will only remember to burn to the point of the first burn.

Have you ever seen a candle burn right down the center? This is called tunneling, and one of the causes is when you extinguish your candle too soon. Also, remember to burn your candle on a heat resistant surface, and never more than 4 hours at a time.

Extinguishing your candle

Speaking of extinguishing your candle. Always snuff out the flame instead of blowing your candle out. Well, except for those birthday candles; what would be the fun if you can't blow out your birthday candles!

The main benefit of using a snuffer is to prevent wick trimmings from getting into your wax, and splattering wax outside of the vessel. Like wick trimmers, snuffers are practical and affordable. Try this stylish snuffer for less than $10.

Lastly, but extremely important, is that you must know when your candle can no longer be burned. Once your wax is down to 1/4", please do not burn the candle further. You should never burn a candle down to the very end. This can cause your vessel to overheat, and break, which can cause damage to your surfaces, and is a fire hazard. 

Candle Studio 1422 puts warning labels on all of its candles, and it is a good idea to read them, and follow the safety precautions. That's it, enjoy your beautifully scented candle.

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