Exciting Fall Updates Coming to the Studio!

Exciting Fall Updates Coming to the Studio!

Candle of the Month Club, coming soon!

I have been wanting to start a subscription box for a couple of years now; even before I opened my studio back in 2020. I think the fear of failure, and analysis paralysis held me back. No, I don't think, I know they held me back.

No more living in fear! I decided to finally start my dream of offering a candle subscription box to candle lovers, like you!

The first box will ship in October, and you will be the first to know when you can actually subscribe to the box!  New and exclusive scents every month! Scents that are not yet offered in the Studio!

I am working hard behind the scenes, and more details will be coming soon! Be the first to know all the details by signing up to the Waitlist! By signing up, you will have the first chance at our early bird special, and get information on our giveaway!

Join the waitlist today!

Fall scents are coming your way for candle pouring!

I recently had Fall scent testers come into the Studio to help me select Fall scents. I must admit, that fall scents are not my jam, so I wanted to get a little help.

Wow, did they choose some good ones! I think I may have changed my mind on Fall scents!

Listen, before I post on social, I wanted to let you know when the new scents will drop for candle pouring! So you are gonna want to book your candle pouring soon! Scents are going to drop on Saturday, August 27th! 

Curious what the scent offerings will be? Okay, I'll tell you about just a few!

Campfire Marshmallow

Apple Cider & Oak

Barrell-Aged Maple Bourbon

Spiced Vanilla & Cinnamon

Exciting Changes to Candle Pouring!

Have you heard? You can now upgrade to a larger vessel for candle pouring! When you book online, you will always book for the original glass jar vessels, but once you get to the Studio, you can select from a collection of larger vessels!

You can also now book with as little as a $5 deposit per person, and pay the balance when you get to the Studio!

Sometimes life happens, and schedules change. If you booked a pouring and need to reschedule, you can just click on the link within your confirmation email to reschedule. You no longer have to reach out to the Studio, unless you want to! Just be sure to reschedule at least 1 day in advance.

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