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Candle Studio 1422, LLC

Himalayan Bamboo Soy Candle

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Invigorate your senses with the rich fullness of Bergamot and Bamboo fragrances. Ease into your  day with this sweet, yet coriaceous mixture without floral overload. Its complementary infusion gently lures inner positivity, calmness and tranquility. Another winner for a calm and peaceful morning.

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Often we unintentionally neglect ourselves as we take care of our families and careers. The Morning Mindfulness Collection is filled with earthy scents that are the perfect backdrop to a morning mindfulness routine or self-care activity. Start your day with an intense focus on mind and body and see how your day goes.

Net Wt. 7.3 oz
Height: 3.5 inches
Outside Diameter: 2.88 inches
Burn Time: up to 45 hour

Candle Care

Don’t burn a candle for more than 4 hours; less time if a candle is near the end.
Trim the wick to a ¼ inch before each use.
Never burn candles near flammable objects and materials.
Burn candle on a heat resistant surface.
Set a timer when burning a candle