A Month in Review - May 2021

A Month in Review - May 2021

Two things that were always important to me in my professional career were authenticity and transparency, so I have carried those values into my own business. Running a small business carries with it a range of emotions and challenging moments. For me, running a small business has evoked more emotions in me than I care to admit. The month of May, like any period of time, had its highlights and its challenges.

Sure, I share the polished (and not so polished) IG images, but every day is not sunshine and roses. I have chosen to reflect on the good and the challenging and I want to share with you for two reasons. One, maybe you can relate and not feel so alone. Secondly, I think it will be both therapeutic, a way to show gratitude, reflect on the positive, and see what I survived. So, let’s get to it.

Awesome customers

I met more awesome customers and had some really funny couples come in during the month of May. One couple had me almost in tears with laughter. I also enjoyed my first candle pouring with kids only. It was so much fun, and the enthusiasm they showed was genuine and delightful. This inspired me to offer Summer candle-making workshops for kids only! 

I also met with a visual merchandiser and display artist who is going to work in making the Studio more visually appealing. I cannot tell you how excited I am about this! I am looking forward to sharing the Studio updates with you on IG and Facebook in the latter part of June.

Business was slow, but I know what to work on

Well, I knew when I opened a brick & mortar during a pandemic, it was not going to be a picnic, but I would be lying if I said I thought it would still be so slow. The good thing is that the people who come in seem to enjoy the candle mailing experience and that always makes me feel great. It gives me hope because I know it just a matter of getting the word out to get people in. I am also in a quirky little spot. So many people have come in, and said: “I had no idea you were back here.” So, at least I know what to work on...Marketing!

What truly frustrated me in May

My Studio just opened in late November 2020, and this is when I got my floors installed. Well, the floors began to buckle shortly after installation. The contractor came back and repaired it. However, with the weather getting warmer, the floors started to buckle again, but this time it was way worse! Just about everyone who came in the store said something about the floors; not in a mean way, but more like “what happened?” The floor became tripping, and luckily no one tripped and fell! The floor was my biggest pain point and frustration in May. I did have to close the Studio for a couple of days. I am happy that it has been repaired again, and fingers crossed there are no more issues.